Our Mission .

Our mission is to promote the physical, emotional, and educational well-being of the children of the world.

About Us

We are a 501(C)-3 organization located in Columbia, Missouri in the United States.  Since 1998, IMET has been involved in a variety of humanitarian endeavours mainly focused on helping children who are victims of wars and natural disasters.  The main thrust of our programs is to train indigenous professionals in trauma psychology to help war traumatized children and their familes.  IMET’s mental health teams have traveled to various armed conflicted and disaster areas such as:

  • Bosnia
  • Kosovo
  • Russia
  • Palestine
  • Afghani refugee camps in Pakistan
  • Earthquake areas in Gujrat, India
  • Tsunami disaster areas
  • Hurricane Katrina disaster areas
  • Earthquake areas in Northern Pakistan

The IMET trauma teams have trained thousands of teachers, physicians, nurses, and other volunteers to help children better cope with their psychological trauma.  IMET has successfully established counseling centers in Bosnia, Kosovo, and in an Afgan refugee camp in Pakistan.